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  • minimum wage in the first israeli league

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    hey my name is barak im doing a save with bnei yehuda a 2nd tier israeli club.im approaching my 7th season (i think) and i knew about the rule that u cant offer more than 220 pounds p/w to an israeli player thats between the ages of 18-21 but i never checked it in the league's rules i realized it as i played but now i tried to sign some good half israeli regens but they dont want to come to me cause of that rule which is logical. so i checked the rules in the picture named "whatIsGoingOn" is written "minimum wage is 220 p/w for domesticated players between the ages 18-21" which confuses me cause the game acts as if its the maximum u can give to those kind of players and as an israeli myself  i have never heard about this rule i even tried to google on it and nothing came up i even looked in the league's official registration rules but there was nothing similar to that rule. i uploaded my save so u can check it yourself but im sure u can just start a new one and it will do exactly the same. in short im not saying that this rule is wrong it might not be wrong but something must be wrong here idk if its the wording on the israeli league's rule page in the game or a mistake of setting the wage as maximum instead of being minimum i would appreciate if someone can answer me and im sorry if its a mistake 




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