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  • Not allowed to postpone match in final international break of domestic season

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    Every season, I am not allowed to postpone the game on Matchday 29 of the Norwegian Premier Division season even though 95% of my squad is on international duty. I should receive an email like I do during any other point of the season giving me the opportunity to postpone the match. This does not happen.



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    The NPD is set within the editor so that it plays through international match days, as it does in real life. It's working as intended by not postponing matches for callups. 

    I appreciate that you may enhance the current squad and have more international players at your club than they may do in real life, but it's a change you would have to make via the editor, we wouldn't be able to change the rule outright across the board. 

    If you were receiving postponement emails at other points in the season, then that in itself is an issue we would want to investigate. 

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