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    I qualified for the Play Off in the second tier in Norway. The first two games went fine, and were scheduled straight after the end of the season, as it should be. The final however, is scheduled almost two months later, in december. The Play off is kind of weird, in that one play off match qualifies a team to the play off for promotion. The first final is scheduled before the second one, which makes little sense. I have uploaded pictures of my schedule, and the schedule of the team that ended 14th in the first tier. 1.png.dd18519db913879f68893dbf8eacb740.png2.png.504891a7ccc6e0faaa201aee0cf4615a.png


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    I would also like to add, while I am here, that there are only allowed five players on the bench in the play off in game, while there are seven allowed in the league. According to the rules this season, there should be nine reserves allowed, but I guess that is temporary because of covid. I only ask for consistency between the league and the play off, and I understand why these minor details get overlooked.


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