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  • [Gibraltar] Query about Decisions on Means of Inclusion

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    I don't know where else to post this, as it is about FM22, and it does relate to League Issues. If this has to be moved elsewhere, feel free to. I was wondering what the reasoning was behind not including Gibraltar as part of the Base Game this year.

    When the Canadian Premier League was added originally, it became an official downloadable database, but in the next version of the game became part of the default database and no downloadable content was needed to use the league. although with FM22 and Gibraltar this has not been the case, and from what I understand, people will need to download a database to play it again. I was wondering why this was the case? I worry that it being "downloadable content" again, is going to mean that the average user is going to miss out on the benefits of the league because it isn't part of the base game and will need to be added to each save to take advantage of the Gibraltar League(s).


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    • SI Staff

    Hi, Thank you for the post.

    As it stands the licensor are happy with the Gibraltarian League being an add on league. If the licensor requests a change we would consider it.



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