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  • Primeira Liga Calendar Issues

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    I tried to get some answers in the Portuguese data issues page but was ignored, so i'm tring again on here. There is a problem with the portuguese league calendar that starts in january, the game puts to many league games in january and then in the last three months of the season it makes u play two games per month leaving a 15 day gap bettwen games, i went and checked the real life calendar and they put 4 games per month almost all months. I think this is a problem that should be looked at and it kinda makes me angry that i took the time to como here and make a comment trying to help a game i really like just to be ignored and see people that made comments after get their answer. I will again leave an image of my calendar so you can see what i'm talking about. Would apreciate that even if is something u don't care about and are not gonna do nothing about, take the time to say at least that.



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