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  • B Team all on holiday

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    I am managing a B-Team as part of a multiplayer with friends. My whole team has gone on holiday and are unavailable to play for 4 league games until 1st December. No other clubs in my league seem to have the same issue but I am now being forced to play 4 games with 'greyed out players'

    Ability is also shown as ability for the 1st team rather than my actual squad making squad selection difficult as a 2 star player from the main team will be between 2 and 1/2 star and 4 star in my team. 






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    We've really been struggling with this one and can't get it reproducing on our end.

    I appreciate it's been a while, but if you spot this again, or still have the same example, could you provide a save file for us? 

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