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  • Barcelona B don't get promoted from Primera División RFEF

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    Barcelona B team won Primera División RFEF but still play there, despite the rules said winner of this league should get promoted to the segunda.



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    Do you have a save file just prior to when you'd expect Barcelona B to be promoted?

    We tested this on our end and it didn't reproduce, so we'd like to investigate your game. :)



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    I haven't got previous save, only this one when it's already january. Should I upload it?

    I suppose it's happend cause I add 3th division during 1st season. After season ends i got message that Barcelona B won the league, but at  start of the new season game added 3th division and Barcelona B was still there. Rest of the winners of other gropus was in 2nd division, only Barcelona B stays at 3th.

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