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  • Impossible to complete squad registration if you're a part-time club in Segunda RFEF divisions

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    Segunda RFEF squad registration rules state that, from a maximum squad size of 22:

    A) 14 must be on full-time contracts

    B) minimum squad size is 15.

    If you're a part time club in this division with players on part-time contracts, it's impossible to comply with both of these rules at once (normally you could get around A, albeit irritatingly, by leaving spaces unfilled in your squad, but then you run into B.

    The game does not let you progress past the squad registration deadline except by holidaying, in which case no changes are made to the squad (so only players that were there last season are included, no new signings are or can be registered). This only started affecting me in my second season with Arenteiro in the Segunda RFEF Grupo 1.

    This can be fixed using the in game editor to make the contracts temporarily full-time I imagine, but I'm loathe to spend 8 Euros on something I wouldn't otherwise use in order to be able to continue my game.

    Dave11 Arenteiro Squad Registration Bug 3.jpg

    Dave11 Arenteiro Squad Registration Bug 4.jpg

    Dave11 Arenteiro Squad Registration Bug 1.jpg

    Dave11 Arenteiro Squad Registration Bug 2.jpg


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    Ahh. So the rule was removed following the update to resolve this, but it wasn't save compatible I'm afraid. I'm really sorry, but the only way around this rule properly is to start a save on the latest code.

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