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  • Uruguayan 1st division Champions Playoff

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    just had this issue in season 2030...


    I won the Apertura with DANUBIO and also ended the Clausura in 1st with the same points as Nacional, so had to play the clasura Playoff match to decide the Clausura winner and I won that match, so I won the Clausura as well... and supposedly I would be the automatic Uruguayan champion as I won both the Apertura and Clausura ... but no... in the Overall Table I also ended up with the same points as Nacional in 1st place, but they have better goal difference, so in the game I am supposed to play the Champions Playoff matches to decide who is the ultimate uruguayan champion...

    I am almost 100% sure that this would not happen in real life as if a team wins both Apertura and Clausura that club will be crowned the Uruguayan champion and the goal difference in the overall table would not count for anything...


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    With the introduction of Intermedio stage, winning Apertura and winning Clausura doesn't necesarely means you also won Annual Table.
    This are the three competitions that matters.

    Now, this situation you describe is quite odd, and I'm not sure how it's decided. I'll ask that on FA to get a clearence.
    Thanks for reporting it.

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    yeah it is odd indeed

    I also won the Intermedio in the Final against Nacional, however they had more points in the group phase than me, that is why both clubs ended up with the exactly same points in the Overall Table at the end of the season, but Nacional had better goal difference than me

    I won the Apertura, the Intermedio and the Clausura and still had to play the Champions Playoff 2 matches against Nacional due to this goal difference issue...

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