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  • Board building new stadium despite one being already planned

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    Hello team,

    a short background on the issue:

    I decided to go and take charge of Odra Opole in polish second tier. They are supposed to move to a new stadium in december 2024 (Odra1 screenshot attached) so I thought it's a cool opportunity + a club in a city I was born so reasons were obvious.

    Started the save, in the meantime I got promoted to 1st tier of Football in Poland. All going good though I realized information about moving to new stadium was missing from the facilities screen.

    Suddenly my board proudly announced that they started building yet another - different - stadium. So I had this move to 'Stadion Opolski' on 31/12/2024 planned already and now they added a move to 'Engelbert Jarek Arena' on 25/6/2025. The latter was now appearing in the facilities screen so I assumed it replaced 'Stadion Opolski' as a result of some overwrite of data or whatever. Too bad as 'Stadion Opolski' planned initially was meant to be way bigger, but what can I do...

    To my surprise we suddenly moved to 'Stadion Opolski' on 31/12/2024 - just as planned, even managed to get a wooping 10-2 debut win on the new stadium, however a move to 'Engelbert Jarek Arena' still remains on the facilities screen. See Odra2 screenshot for details.

    I assume we are going to leave newly built stadium after half a year of usage, a bit of a short lifespan for a football stadium but I accepted my fate. Too bad we are going to be moving to a stadium that's going to be half the size. Once I get to that point in my save I can drop an update of what happens if needed.

    Question here: is there any explanation of what happened? Perhaps it affects other teams that have a move to new stadium planned too. Something to look into.

    PS sorry for screens being in polish, I can switch to english if needed.





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    Nope, no save as I'm currently in 4th season and they probably decided to build a new stadium somwhere in the middle of season 2. Unfortunately I'm just using 3 rotating files to save.

    I uploaded my current save if that helps. Oderka.fm is the name of the file.

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    @Kyle BrownI've just created a bug report (Youth Facilities) and in doing so noticed that I was able to request a new stadium be built, despite the fact that I had requested one ~12 months earlier and am due to move into the new stadium in ~6 months.  Not sure if its related, but I have uploaded my save file and that will allow you to at least request a new stadium be built while one is (presumably) under construction.

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