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  • Impossible to make an improvement request of youth facilities since 3 years

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    During an online game with friend, I have taken the team of Eupen in Belgium. During the five first seasons, I can improve youth facilities normally but after the fifth season, my team has been bought while an improvement of youth facilities was in progress.

    After this last improvement of youth facilities, message for improvement request of youth facilities doesn't appear in board request (club vision). I specify that level of youth facilities are not at maximum. So, now I am waiting since 3 years that message for improvement request of youth facilities appears again.

    Please, could you say me if it is a bug ? If yes, is it possible to repair ?  I have uploaded to you the save file of this part Eupen - Standard 1.fm.

    Club vision.png

    Youth facilities.png


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    This is one we're aware of and hoping to rectify in FM23.

    I'm afraid it was spotted too late in FM22's cycle to make the cut for any of our previous updates, I'm really sorry. 

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    First of all, sorry for my english, i use translate.

    Youth academy in fm22 cannot be developed to the last level in any way, although I have opened new games many times, this problem has not been fixed.

    Saying we will fix it in FM23 is not a solution! I give a fortune to this game despite the exchange rate difference of the country I have been in for years (1 dollar, 18.59 Turkish Liras in Turkey), so I am a customer, I expect the product I buy to be problem-free and the company will stand behind it. Why should I pay tens of dollars because you can't solve this problem? FM23, "For a data update"?

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