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  • Old bug where the percentage of transfers that goes to the transfer budget goes back down to 60% after getting accepted to 100%.

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    I have this bug since the game came out and now after the update I am sad to report it is still happening. I ask my board to increase the percentage of transfer fees received from the sale of my players from 60 to 100%, they accept, it gets bumped up, but a few days later it gets bumped back down for no reason. When I first reported it I was told it was a known bug, but is there still no solution? Is this save ruined? 


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    Apologies for the delay in a response here.

    We released a change to this in the Main Winter Update which should have resolved this - if it's still happening on your end could you provide a save file for us to test from? Ideally just before you ask for the change if possible. 


    Edit: Have just seen your other post, we'll take a look from that save first. 


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