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  • Scouting budget adjusment removing from overall budget

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    I was given this budget for the new season 22nd May


    So I adjusted the scouting and transfer budgets, as to have ~ 420 k for scouting to have money for the full regional package, 300 k remained in the transfer budget.

    Then I get the new scouting budget 28th May


    I think alright, I have to readjust the budgets again...

    But no, 400 k just vanished into thin air. I mean, has no one spotted this yet?





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    Uploaded 3 save files, each with Honvéd;

    1)  Honvéd - finances set: 19th May 2024, board sets budgets for the new season

    4,04 M € wages

    287 K € transfer

    10 K € scouting

    2) Honvéd - transfer and scouting budgets adjusted: 19th May 2024, I adjusted the budgets to allow for a larger scouting area

    3,04 M € wages

    574 K € transfer

    732 K € scouting

    3) Honvéd - scouting budget set by board: 26 May 2024: Board reduces scouting budget to 60 K

    3,04 M € wages

    582 K € transfer (received 10 K from a transfer clause)

    60 K € scouting



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