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  • Unable to Upgrade Youth Facilities

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    I'm playing a youth academy challenge save in Slovenia and have just completed the 2052 season. Since the first Winter Update I have been unable to upgrade my Youth Facilities beyond "Excellent", but was able to upgrade my Training Facilities twice to max them out at "State of the Art". With the 22.4 update I tried playing the save again and after a full season I still have yet to get the option to upgrade youth facilities under board requests. With European money we are flush with cash and the board has the "Develop players using the club's youth system" as its culture, so I'm assuming if I was given the option to upgrade they would instantly accept. I'm not the only one trying the Youth Challenge that has experienced this in their save. It might be worth checking to see if when I built my new stadium that bugged something as I believe once I started that project 4 seasons ago the option to upgrade my Youth Facilities disappeared. You'll notice I'm expanding the stadium currently in the save, but even before I started that project there was no option to upgrade the youth facilities. 

    • Steps To Reproduce:
      Load save and attempt "Make Board Request"; No facility option will be present

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    Just wanted to also add: if you advance the game 1 day you will get an in-game notification of the training facilities getting downgraded due to technological advancement. When you go into board requests and look you will be able to upgrade the training facilities back up to 'state of the art' but there will be no option to upgrade youth facilities. This showcases the bug exactly as you should be able to upgrade both with where they are at.

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