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  • under 18 fatigue issue

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    So I'm at the start of the 2nd season(2022/23) but this issue has been present for months in game (but only recently in irl time, never seen it occur in other saves even after going 3/4 years deep in a save), almost every single player(worldwide) under the age of 18 has "low" fatigue constantly, even ones that haven't played any games or those that have just come back from holiday.

    Througout the latter half of the first season I'd noticed all of my under 18 players would have the same level of fatigue regardless of changes in training or holidays. Even if I used the in game editor to change their fatigue to -500 within a few days it would be back to 'low' (around 60 to 120) without any games and set to no pitch or gym work.

    At one point I used the in game editor to change the age of a number of players to test it and as soon as they were older than 18 their fatigue would behave normally but upon changing them back to their original ages the fatigue would return to the same 'low' range.

    Is this a consequence of me messing about too much with the in game editor (I have changed a looooooot)?  Or have I deleted the wrong file somewhere (for names  and germany/netherlands/japan international team fixes)? Or am I just crazy and this has always been a thing for under 18s that I never noticed?

    Save game file is called; "11-07-2022 fatigue bug save for test purposes.fm"


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    Thanks for flagging this, fatigue is something we're working on in a number of ways for future versions, and we'll look to have it addressed and working as intended as soon as we can.

    I'm really sorry for the annoyance it's no doubt causing, but it's on our radar now and we'll look to find a solution. :) 

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