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  • Advanced Setup, Greyed out leagues

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    I have done some editing using advanced rules in england and I've gone to test all division levels of the file, and it runs with no errors, but then it still says 0/6 division levels verified in the top right.

    So I go to start a new save in fm thinking it's a display bug in the editor, and then i go to apply the editor data file that I just failed to test, and it applies fine as if it has already been tested and verified fine. So I'm thinking oh it's ok.

    But then as I go to load the leagues the option for which level of leagues to IN ENGLAND AND IN ENGLAND ONLY is greyed out.

    Any ideas why?

    Just ask if you want pics or details of what I edited.

    * I have also applied the sortitoutsi real name fix, not sure if this makes a difference or not.


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