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  • Creating an MLS Team in Pre Game Editor

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    Long time FM player, first time poster (and editor user!)

    I wanted to add my local team into the MLS and I've really struggled using the "swap" feature. I've attempted to swap with multiple different Western Conference teams and everytime I attempt to start a game, my team is unavailable to be chosen and the team I've swapped with is greyed out and also unavailable. I have tried swapping with different leagues (Bundesliga, Series A, etc) and it works perfectly fine everytime.

    I think I've narrowed down the issue to this: The game doesn't know what conference to place my team into. When I look at the community shield table, my team is there. But there is some issue with getting me into the Western conference and scheduling me games within the league.



    Has anyone else tried to create a team in the MLS? Any tips? I can provide any screenshots if necessary. I've added the editor data to this post if you'd like to try for yourself. In this file I had attempted to swap with Houston.

    Cedar Rapids.fmf

    • Steps To Reproduce:
      Create a team from scratch in the editor
      Swap with a team in the Western conference of the MLS
      Create a career save in the base game of FM22 and attempt to select the created team

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    The MLS is more advanced in how it is setup than most leagues, which you can swap teams into via data.

    To do this for the MLS, you need to select Rules -> Add Nation Rules -> USA -> Add lower divisions and cups to existing structure.

    Then select Rules -> Convert to Advanced Rules, and show rules for MLS.

    Now you have to swap fields where Houston are registered to the new created team. This can be done easily by using the filter in the bottom left, entering "Houston" and swapping all of these in each file to your created team.

    After saving and verifying the rules it should now work.

    We are looking into ways of making this a more simple process, but it's not strictly a bug. 

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