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  • Error/Bug - no squad selected

    Roy Race 9
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    I was able to verify the file before this latest update to game

    now after making some changes to prize money etc see this error




    if you try to verify again it throws out a different team each time


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    Update for other users  SI staff with this issue I resolved the bug/error

    I remembered how I addressed it in FM21

    you have to remove the fixture rules for the competition that is showing the error 

    for this file it is fixture rule 6 once totally removed it verifies

    not ideal as there is no squad rules in place for that league now

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    Further Update on the above adding an extra set of fixture rules worked

    added fixture rule 35 instead of fixture rule 6 edited the comp to be set to 35

    and now I have a set of working squad rules[+FFP if required ] to the league

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