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  • Fixture and Discipline Rules for International Competitions Keep Getting Erased After Reloading the Database

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    When adding a fixture or discipline rule for international competitions, they keep getting erased once I reload the database despite the fact that I saved said changes (see below screenshots as proof). 



    (Fixture rules are added).


    (Fixture rules are saved, verified and saved again).


    (Database and editor file is loaded again, with no fixture rules in sight).

    Hope this helps.

    • Steps To Reproduce:
      1. Create competition with international rules and have it verified with the basic editor.
      2. Convert competition to advanced rules
      3. Go to fixture rules (under international competitions) and add a fixture rule (screenshot 1)
      4. Save, verify and save the editor file again (screenshot 2).
      5. Reload the database and reload the editor file
      6. Go back to the fixture rules, which will now be blank.

      Rinse and repeat steps 3 to 6 for the discipline rules (I know I didn't add discipline rules in the above screenshots but this issue also occurs to those as well).

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