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  • In Game Editor Staff contract issue

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    There's an issue with the in game editor when it comes to editing the staff contract;

    Can only edit the contract expiry date and wages.

    The rest of the functions i can't edit the value or even disable it after ticking the box;

    • Yearly Wage Rise
    • Promotion Wage Rise / Relegation Wage Drop
    • Top Division Promotion Wage Rise / Top Division Relegation Wage Drop
    • Contract Extension after Promotion
    • Will leave at end of contract / will explore options at end of contract
    • Non-Playing Job Offer release clause
    • Waive Club Compensation for Managerial Role
    • Percentage of Club Compensation Required for Managerial Role

    Please help to look into this issue.

    My version of Football Manager 2022 is on Steam (Version 22.4.0)

    Thank you!


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    I am having the same issue. I was not having this before. I have tried current saves and new ones and have also attempted to try 22.3 and 22.4 on steam PC as well. 

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    On 31/03/2022 at 20:50, Kyle Brown said:

    We're aware of this and working to find a solution. Thank you both for raising it. 

    Any updates on this?

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