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  • Other Nation International Data does not show for created nations

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    Example: Created "Northern England" and when making current England players into Northern England players, I have added in other Nations Caps etc. I have taken an unused nation, amended Continent values and made full member of Worldwide governing body. All edited players have had England added as another nation

    Issue: The other nation caps and England eligibility do not show up.

    Tests: Phil Foden and Trent Alexander Edited in same way. Foden set to Northern England, TAA set to Gibraltar. Foden's info doesn't show correctly, TAA does1382864413_ScreenShot2022-02-20at12_41_27.png.464c639916a5f2d4265410b435e0b56d.png672882889_ScreenShot2022-02-20at12_41_49.png.ffcbcc8eb4d1ae5dc0b9f1a6a933e75e.png


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