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  • Stadium environment doesn't change the look of stadiums since the update. (very minor issue I know)

    Cheese Lover
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    A very minor issue, but this will satisfy my ocd. pre update when adding a stadium in the pre game editor the 'enviroment' made a difference to the appearance. State of the art option meant you had a modern looking stadium etc. Now when adding a stadium no matter what options I choose the stadium is the horrible one with the pillars in front of the crowd. The only way I can get a modern looking stadium is by having a capacity of at least 10000. Like I say it is a very minor issue, but worth mentioning.


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    Circling back to this as despite some testing it was never one we were ever get to reproduce but we don't want to leave it behind as we begin work on the next cycle. 

    Would you be able to attach the editor file and give us some stadium examples please? 

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