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  • unable to load a save game

    Roy Race 9
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    This is my first save game what a start

    tried to load

    also tried a few other' test saves' I had same result



    also trying to post this on more suitable bug forums- no options to add new issue so if a Mod can move to the correct forum


    they dont have the option? its missing



    here is link to the save game https://www.mediafire.com/file/1cjlistmlixdjh2/Neil+Hutchings+-+Neath.fm/file 


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    can this be moved to the correct forum 

    I did explain in the opening post why I couldnt as there was no option to start a new thread the tab was missing from several forums

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    I cant do anything if I start a game once I save and exit I cant reload it so my game is broken as is totally unusable.

    As said this is my first save game I have been editing up until now and waiting for the winter update 

    I have tried over 20 new saves all with the same result.

    I have tried saving then exiting

    using save as and then exit 

    quit to start screen and save

    all combinations all with the same outcome

    this thread is unanswered for a week now please can someone assist as this is not on


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    • Administrators

    Apologies you haven't had a response, these type of issues aren't typically dealt with on the Bug Tracker out with the initial launch period. 

    You'll need to submit a support ticket, which can be done here

    Our tech support team are usually quite prompt with responses, and they'll be better placed to provide a response than I. 

    Apologies I can't offer much more.

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