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  • Unable to validate basic rules due to finding too many teams

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    I'm unable to validate my file because it says a few of the English U18 leagues have too many teams, however when I check each individual league and the number of teams within them, it matches the number it says it's trying to find. Can this be rectified please?

    I have attached my editor file here.

    Kent Leagues Merged NO CUPS.fmf

    • Steps To Reproduce:
      Press Rules > Test Rules

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    Apologies for the late response here, I missed the post initially and it fell down the page. 

    Did you ever resolve this on your own?

    When we test it on our end it verifies in basic. Is that the same for you, or are you testing in advanced rules?

    If it persists, could you provide some screenshots of the errors you're encountering, please. :) 

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