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  • End of Season Contract Extensions Disappearing

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    Seem to have uncovered a major problem here. 

    I have youth prospects whose contracts I am extending. Because my club, Schalke, is in dire financial straits, I am setting all of the contracts as "End of season" meaning they stay on their current contract and have "provisionally signed" a new contract as of 6/30/2022. 

    Most of these players wanted a loan this season as part of the deal. That's fine, I'll loan them out. This is key to show the contract is happening -- the loan promise shows up on my promises page.

    However, now that I'm in the midst of deadline day in January, those "Provisionally signed" contract texts have disappeared. This is, as you can imagine, confusing and alarming because I have transfer offers coming in and I am having to try and remember if I already offered a contract to that player or not. 

    Here's an example of someone I know, with screenshots, for a fact I offered a contract to:

    Took this screenshot at the 12/26/2021 date (Files: Grayhair Gaming - Schalke 04 - contract bug before.fm), and the text is on his contract page, and the provisional contract text is there:


    Here's evidence the loan promise is in effect on deadline day:


    And now here's the same player on deadline day, 1/31/2022:


    So it looks like he hasn't signed a contract. The provisional text is gone.

    My guess is the contract is in effect, but the UI is not showing it for some reason. My guess is based on the fact that the loan promise is there, and that clubs are offering transfers instead of end of contract to these players.

    This is pretty glaring and needs fixing as it is massively confusing as a player to go, wait, I thought I extended that contract, and then you end up re-offering a contract. I did just that with a player and they took the same way, but less of the other bonuses than I had before (confirmed via screenshot). Bizarre.

    Files: Grayhair Gaming - Schalke 04 - contract bug before.fm and Grayhair Gaming - Schalke 04 - EP8 - youth contract bug.fm


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    Oh, big update, it isn't just a UI thing. I've just had a player poached for a zero euro transfer offer that was automatically accepted, despite him having previously signed a provisional contract.

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    Absolutely... and to be clear, I "re-signed" some of the players whose provisional contracts disappeared to NEW provisional contracts and ... a certain amount of time later, those too disappeared. Didn't time how long, but it was after the transfer window. 

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    Experiencing the same bug. End of season contract extension agreed to by numerous players only to disappear the following week. Incredibly frustrating.

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