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  • Loan out with obligation fee, but the contract is running out

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    I've got a strange case..I manage Arsenal, but that's not the strange I mean. I tried to get rid of Nicolas Pepe after the first season. After no one wanted to offer more than 15m £, I tried a loan including obligation to buy. At the beginning I set a high price of 87m as future transfer fee. But he had only two years left in his contract and I accidentally put end of next season as  term. Now Lazio came and said deal! I saved this and I was interested to see if he would leave free of charge at the end of the loan period or if I would really get this huge amount of money. Long story short, I have simulated until the end of the loan and Lazio has transferred to me the 87m, although he would actually have been free. Am i there on the wrong track or is that a bug? I tried this again afterwards, both with Pepe and others, but no comparable offer came in. Dont really understand that..was i just lucky? He should have left for free on Bosman right? Thanks and have a nice day


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    We'll investigate this, but will need a save file prior to the bid and then one while he is out on loan. If you have both, could you upload them via the link below, please. :)



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    Hello Kyle, i have just dragged both files into it. I have no clue if it has worked. Please let me know if i have to do it again. Just to mention it, i am using Daveincid´s increase realism mod, Dave´s around the globe mod and a few steam mods to maintain the 5 substitutions.

    Save name, before the bid from Lazio came in, is: Gunners Arsenal prior to the Pepe bid and the save file where he is already on loan is named Gunners Arsenal 22-23.


    thanks for your help ;)

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