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  • Probelm with Search Filter for Scouting knowledge - Can't assign a Scout to Scout in Japan because Japan is gone... Bug or not?

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    When I look for Scouts I always filter what Knowledge they have, but for some reason I can only look for leagues which are in FM active. Before the Patch, I always could look for Nation knowledge like Nigeria or Japan.
    I did load players from every Continent with all active International players, first League, Top Clubs and clubs who play International. But as you can see in Africa there is only South Africa.


    Here is Japan missing - so I can't assign a scout to scout in Japan

    So my question is: Bug or something which was intended by SI for some reason?


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    I'm having the same problem. I can't search for scouts with knowledge of some countries, most in Africa. Only country that shows from Africa is South Africa and I'm wanting to search for Nigeria, Cameroon, Senegal etc. I'm unsure if its a bug in the recent update as before it worked fine. Tried a new safe using the default database from launch and still the same problem, even tried on older saves which I know work and still not working. 

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    Am 7.4.2022 um 18:20 schrieb Kyle Brown:

    This should be resolved as of the latest hotfix. :)

    Well, the Filters are fixed, but the issue where you can't assign a Scout to a specific Nation is still there. Japan is still missing. 
    Or is this a License problem?

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