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  • Sports director (director of football) does not use the scouts team reports.

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    I don't know if it's a bug, I've been seeing it forever.

    In my games, I delegate all responsibilities to the staff members who usually do it in real life, so, I don't make signings, in my clubs the sports director do it.

    Whats the problem? I have +200 player reports 100% scouted, and sports director does not use them, he signs players that he  scouts  by himself. This players, don't have a complete scout or I interpret that this scout is not as good as the scouting team could do, so transfers cannot be optimized and it seems that scouts are a wasted resource. 

    Also, I understand that if my sporting director is doing that when I let him work for himself, rest of AI sporting directors in the other teams is doing the same thing, so, now I can understand why there are many strange signings in big teams that don't correspond to the quality they should have.


    • Steps To Reproduce:
      delegate transfers to the sports director

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    hace 21 horas, Kyle Brown dijo:

    We're aware of this issue and have it under review already. Nevertheless thank you for raising it. 

    Thanks for the answer.

    Related to this, When I delegate on the sports director, the feeling is that he is waiting for me to do his functions and he only works in the last moment of the market, meanwhile he signs players for sub-19 and B teams correctly but with the first team (my team), he waits until the end of the period.

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