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  • Auto Renewal of contracts

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    Had a save going in my 1st season as Eastbourne Boro in VAnarama south.

    Had the usual 6mth expiration of current players contract, decided on who I wanted to renew.

    got to end of current first season and EVERY player on that initial warning message has been renewed, but wasn't done by me?!

    please advise. Thanks 


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    Did you use the Holiday feature at all? If so, did you make sure the "Do not offer any players new contracts" option was turned on? I believe that's not on by default, so if you holidayed at all, the game may have renewed them for you. 

     That's the only explanation I can think of apart from straight up bug (which it could be of course).

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    Do you have a save file to setting the renewal of players? It's what we'd likely need in order to test and reproduce this, if possible. :)


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