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  • Stretchy screen Samsung s22

    James Irons
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    Good afternoon,


    I have the new Samsung galaxy s22, and I am experiencing the stretch screen issue where the quality is not quite as clear as it should be as it was clearer on my old S20. I have attached an image of this to try and show you. I have tried all the possible things i.e games booster, reinstalling, reloading games skins and this has not worked. Can you advise?


    Kind regards 

    James Irons


    Screenshot_20220311-191843_FM22 Mobile.jpg


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    • SI Staff

    Hello @James Irons. Apologies for the slow response. Could you please post up a screenshot of the Credits screen? You can find it by tapping on About on the Main Menu screen. There's additional information there that will help us get a better idea of what is going on with your device.

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