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  • FM22 Crashing On Specific Date

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    I am currently in the middle of an FM22 save. I have spent countless hours on playing this save and customising the database using the pre-game-editor. But the game seems to crash everytime on a certain date. It crashed when switching from 19 feb 2021 to 20 feb 2021. I have tried so much but I cannot get it to work. I would really appreciate some help :).

    I have attached all of the editor files that I am using as well as the save file. I have also attached my crash reports.

    Here is everything that I have tried:

    1. Redownloading FM22
    2. Verifying FM22 files through steam
    3. Reinstalling all drivers
    4. Reinstalling graphics drivers
    5. Simming past 21 feb
    6. Resigning then getting the job back after
    7. Changing transfer budget using the in-game-editor
    8. All windows troubleshooting options
    9. Running FM22 as admin and in Windows 8/7/Vista compatability mode
    10. Deleting FM22 cache
    11. Deleting FM22 preferences

    I know, quite a list right, I have tried everything that is obvious to me and everything that I can find online but to no avail. 

    I was really enjoying the game and it would be a shame to see it all go down the drain if I can't fix this soon.

    Eagerly awaiting your response!


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    Hello @alexobc - I'm sorry to hear you are having issues with your save. Unfortunately, you've posted this in the tech support channel for our Touch product. For all FM22 crashes we ask that people submit a support ticket to our dedicated support team. 

    Please feel free to copy the info you've posted here into the ticket, and upload your files to the link provided above. Once you've done this one of our team members will be in touch. If you have any troubles with this please drop me. 

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