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  • In game "goals scored this season" displays the wrong number

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    I saw there was a post vaguely describing something similar but I wasn't sure if a reply there would notify someone at SI.


    I noticed the issue when playing my second game of the season. First when Emile Smith Rowe scored a goal, a banner flashed up saying it was his 4th of the season (sadly I don't have a screenshot) and then the next goal I scored with Fabio Vieira, the banner said it was his 3rd goal of the season.  As you can see with the screen shots I did provide of their stats (see goals at the bottom), that is not the case. However, ESR has played 4 non competitive games as a sub as was claimed to have scored 4 goals. Vieira has played 3 non competitive games as a sub and was claimed to have scored 3 but that might just be coincidence.


    I think when Martinelli scored his second league goal, 4th including friendlies it said it was his 3rd but I'm not 100% sure about that, and he played 5 non competitive games all starting so maybe that disproves it.


    I think I would prefer it to say the amount of goals scored in this relevant competition, such as scoring in the FA Cup will then display how many FA Cup goals they have scored. Or all competitive goals but ignore friendlies.


    As an aside, on the screenshots, I'm not quite sure why there is a copy of the prem stats at the very bottom without any label.

    Screenshot (1).png

    Screenshot (2).png


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    I just scored again with ESR and the banner displayed it as his 3rd goal. It was his 3rd prem goal, 4th in all comps. But it's just odd the banner is now lower than the last time

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    I have had the same. 

    Lee Gregory (SWFC) scored his 3rd goal of the season and it said it was his 6th then followed this up with his 4th goal of the season (correct) in the same game.

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