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  • weaker teams create too many chances

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    I've noticed when particularly playing weaker teams, the AI finds it far too easy to play through balls - particularly on the ground - behind my CBs for an easy 1v1 scenario. Because these players are weaker, they often fortunately miss, but it still means that teams are creating a huge amount of chances against me when realistically this just wouldn't happen. This doesn't seem to change even if I tell my CBs to specifically mark the opposition striker, or if I tell my defensive line to either drop back or drop off more. 

    I'm not sure if this is an issue with my team's CBs being useless, as I have seen reported by other people, or if it's an offensive AI tactic that needs nerfing, but either way it leads to games that appear through the stats to be extremely even, but the results are often highly one-sided due to the difference in quality of finishing between the two sides. Not every game should be a walkover when playing weaker opposition, but I don't believe it should be happening so frequently, and I especially believe that ground through balls through the centre of the park are a huge contributor to this.


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    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. PKM's are always helpful to investigate an issue like this. If you can share any you have with us, and time stamps if possible so we can focus in on the issue that would be appreciated. A guide on how to do so is available here:  


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    bournemouth timestamps - 19:20, 31:50, 86:15

    qarabag timestamps - 46:52, 63:46

    newcastle timestamps - 03:46, 08:57, 41:04

    leeds timestamps - 25:01, 62:13, 76:01


    I couldn't scan through and find every single instance of this happening but I tried to find a few games where I noticed it on multiple occasions. Obviously things like this do happen in football, including at the top level. I just thought that it happens more than it should, particularly where CB reactions are just a bit too slow for my liking (or where they even run away from the threat in a couple of instances.)

    Bmouth v Man Utd.pkm Leeds v Man Utd.pkm Man Utd v Newcastle.pkm Man Utd v Qarabag.pkm

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