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    I have noticed that since one of the post-January update for FM22 and in the FM23 beta that the option in staff responsibilities to set the frequency of reserve et al. team's friendly matches to set the frequency of scheduled friendly matches is no longer present. All other options are present. This results in these teams not scheduling friendly matches automatically during the season.


    FM 22 issue while playing with AS Saint-Etienne

    FM 23 issue while playing with Celtic


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    Thank you.


    One other issue I have noticed is with reserve teams - setting first team players who are in need of match sharpness does not work for the reserve team does not seem to work. I still need to tell it to ask me which players should be made available for each game (friendlies included).


    This doesn't seem to afffect the youth teams where first team players are needing match sharpness providing the match is a friendly or they don't exceed the age limit or max over-age players for competitive matches.

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    • SI Staff

    That would fall under a separate issue, probably under all other gameplay. If you can provide a save game where you're getting presented with this at the time and make a fresh post over there the relevant QA team can take a look into this further.

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    • Administrators

    Believe this has now been resolved in a previous update, thank you for your patience. Do let us know if you spot anything similar.

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