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  • Scouting update email not remembering display option

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    Periodically you receive a scouting update email - initially this defaults to the cards display.  In previous versions when you changed you choice to list the subsequent emails would retain that choice - all subsequent emails would come through in list format.  In FM23 this is resetting to 'cards' each time.



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    14 hours ago, Kyle Brown said:

    We'll review this, thank you. :)

    Hi Kyle,  I'm now further into the game and the latest scouting update email has come in as 'list' - probably 4th or 5th email of that type to come through and obviously each previous time I switched from card to list.  Maybe there's some counter in place to determine that you actually have a preference rather than just looking.  Or may be there's something that stops it taking effect immediately.  The "don't override panels' option for the homepage didn't take immediately either.

    Anyway, seems to be OK for now.  Will update the thread if it reverts.

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