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  • Fu as a manager surname

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    I raised this last year. Looks like it's still not fixed for this year. Please fix.

    I am chinese and Fu is a common surname in China/Hong Kong.


    I'm sure you have players with the surname Fu in your database.

    So, why can't my surname be the manager's surname?

    This has never been an issue until this iteration of FM (22 and 23).


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    You may write in Chinese to describe the problem if preferred.

    Because didn't fully understand where "the manager's surname" can not be Fu, in which part of the game?

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    One we're still struggling to reproduce when going back and testing this.

    We can add "Fu" as well as the Chinese character translation to the manager creation screen with no issues. 

    Could you possible provide more specific steps to reproduce this, or screenshots of the issue occurring?

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