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  • Important and Minor Details That Haven't Been Fixed in the Game for Years

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    • Why aren't championships won in an unplayable league attributed to the players on that team? For instance, in my game, Real Madrid became champions in the league, but there's no record of this trophy in the history of Real Madrid players. La Liga championship doesn't appear in the history of Courtois and the other players on the team. It's quite bothersome. I added screenshots.
    • When a player retires and doesn't choose to become a coach, their profile only displays league matches. Even though the player has also played UEFA organizations and cup matches for the team, it's unclear why only league matches are shown. This appears to be an issue.
    • I don't know how it is in the English version :) but I'm winning the championship 2 months before the end of the league, and the reporter asks me a ridiculous question like, 'Did winning the championship by a small margin scare you?
    • Just for fun, with a strong tactic from internet, I took a team from the Turkish 2nd division to win the European Cup in 4 years, and I can't become a club legend. :) This is impossible. It's impossible for someone who, with a fantastic tactic, took a club from the 2nd division to one of Europe's top clubs in just 4 years, not to become a legend.
    • I enriched the teams from the Greek League, which is not in the top 5 leagues in Europe, with the editor. The clubs found success in Europe, and the league ranked in the top 5 of the European League rankings, yet its reputation was still 12th :). The league's reputation system is definitely problematic. For those who might say it's due to the quality of the players in the league, I transferred many reputable players to the league through the editor, even for the last-place team, which had several players we could call 'known'.

    And more... If this matter is taken seriously and adjustments are made, I can add more as they come to mind. I'm someone who can identify issues in small details in games.



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