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  • International U21 Tactics won't save

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    Hi Team,

    Each time I load FM23, as an International U21 manager in the save game, I need to reload my tactic and assign players all over again.

    I have not manually created any tactic, but import the same (popular) tactic each time.

    I thought it was an issue previously as I had loaded the tactic, but had not assigned players to any roles (as I was waiting to see who would be fit or available for games). But after loading the tactic again, assigning each player ahead of a game, saving and exiting - On loading the game the next day, the tactic screen asked me to Choose a tactical style again. (No tactic loaded, no assigned roles, set pieces, etc).


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    Just to confirm, after loading/importing the downloaded tactic again, but then also creating a tactic manually and saving this; Upon closing the game and reloading the next day, Neither tactic has been saved.

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