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  • No foreign feeder clubs for loans ever available

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    In my Nantes save I am playing a youth academy save of sorts, player development in the 2nd team is really stunted so I want to improve on this by getting a foreign feeder club however over the last 3-4 board interactions I have been unable to get one formed. The only feeder teams suggested for loans are from low rep clubs from France which is very restrictive as I'm limited to 7 loans I can send out domestically.

    I'm not sure whether this is a bug or not or whether there circumstances behind which feeder teams are available to me but with the board giving me the option to try and setup a feeder club - multiple clubs I have chosen after saving and reloading always fail. 

    Also I often experience a crash on the feeder club selection screen when no clubs appear - something which I think has been reported before

    I have uploaded my save if you want to look into this and would be much appreciated - Era 27-28.fm


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    So I just managed to get what I'm after by choosing the bottom right option rather than the top left - choosing the top left only ever populates a list of low rep French clubs whereas the bottom right option gives me a wide variety of foreign clubs which allow me to loan players to and benefit from their youth players coming through my academy. I don't want the players coming through the youth academy part however that's a small price to pay to get a foreign feeder club I can send loans to. I still feel this is a bug but I can now work around this.


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