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  • Players loss value out of nowhere

    • Public Status: Open Screenshot: PKM / REC File: JakobAagaard-FCKbenhavn-Danmark.fm Save Game: Jakob Aagaard - FC København - Danmark .fm Files Uploaded: Save Game, Screenshot, PKM / REC File


    I have been playing the same career in Football Manager for the whole year and have not encountered any problems. I am in 2051 and playing with FC.Copenhagen in Denmark. I have led the club to 6 CHL victories and won it last season. But suddenly all of my players drop crazy in value out of nowhere to prizes my players haven't had since the first seasons. It leads to all of my players wanting to go away for pennies and making the gameplay unplayable. I have attached two pictures to show how the value drops in a week for no reason.  

    I tried to go back to an old save and replay the season, but on the same date in that save, the same thing happened. It seems like the player Marechal is the reason. Other players are selling to their right value up to the point where Man U and Reims submits a bid for 50 mil kr. on him out of nowhere and after that, the value for all players changes. 

    The save I have uploaded is days before the change in prices happens, so it is just sim a few days till the bid on Marechal happens and after that it all changes in a few days. The file in SICloud is called Jakob Aagaard - FC København - Danmark .fm

    It really sucks, because I have used over 14 days in game on the safe..... 

    Hope you can help! 

    Best regards Jakob


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