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  • Staff responsabilities issues playing with two managers

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    I´m playing with two managers at the same time and in the same club, one for the senior squad and the other one for the B squad so when I try to assign the staff responsabilities with the senior manager on, the game can not identify that there is another manager doing that responsabilites in the B squad. It happens with training responsabilities, contract responsabilities, etc. Another example: if you want to manage the contracts of the B team pñayers with the B team manager you created you can´t.


    It seems that the game doesn´t detect properly that there is another human manager in the same club. I have another issues with the squad planner too that I reported a few days ago. The game doesn´t run correctly if you try to play with two managers in the same club. It´s a shame because it´s cool to try playing this way, I never tried it and I would like to be able to do it.











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    Hi Kyle / Neil!

    I have another issue about this save, I tried to continue with the save and the problem appeared.

    As you know I am playing a save with two managers. The first one manages the senior squad while the second one manages the B team.

    The issue is that when the senior and the B Squad have a match the same day the game gets confused and it doesn´t allow to continue.

    First the game shows the button "Fixtures", I push it and then appears the button "Team Selection", I push and it goes to the senior squad´s tactic screen I select the XI and push "Submit team", then the game asks if I want to proceed and I push "Yes".  Then the "BRIEFING FEEDBACK" screen appears and shows the button "Team selection", I push it and it goes to the B squad´s tactic screen I select the XI and push "Submit team",  then the game asks if I want to proceed and I push "Yes". Then appears the "Tactical Meeting" screen an the button "Team selection" wich I push, then it goes again to  the B squad´s tactic screen I select the XI and push "Submit team" but nothing happens... The game doesn´t continue, it´s totally confused at this point.


     I just uploaded the save for you to investigate. It´s called ISSUE2MANAGERS.fm and it is situated in the day of the matches so you can follow the sequence I just related.


    Thanks! :) 

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