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  • Youth managers not arranging friendlies

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    Despite the appropriate tickboxes being ticked, neither the U21 nor the U18 managers are arranging friendlies. I tried on/off, and all the different options. For some odd reason, they did arrange them in the preseason. Even if i tick both 21 and 18 to arrangle a friendly every week, neither ever does.



    U21 fixtures, the one friendly that is shown is manually created by me.



    And i uploaded the save file as well, named: "Mika Vasara - Dulwich Hamlet (v02)"


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    So i don't know if the patch did anything to fix the issue, or maybe it just randomly works sometimes - but the patch definitely broke it a bit more. Now the selections for auto picking first team players for the reserve teams don't work at all. Not from the staff responsibilities menu, or the news item that asks whether you want to make first team players available.

    There's a savefile just before a U21 friendly where you can test it out. Si cloud: "Mika Vasara - AFC Telford.fm"

    It seems to me, in general, that something is just completely bugged about youth team management and automation. 

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    I know i'm being very particular when i chose to not play the game on release since a trivial feature was broken. I know the meta on this forum is just to scream about everything all the time, and i just bided my time and submitted a bug report and continued the conversation by adding information in a few topics. Games are big and complicated. I get it.

    Now, it's February, and this hasn't even been mentioned since release. Youth managers are not creating friendlies. Sometimes they do, but whatever you do, you can't change it once it stops working. The pull-down menu in staff responsibilities -> match that determines the frequency of friendlies does... not... do... anything. It's a pull down menu that doesn't work. If you're not going to fix it, say so. I'll just throw an indicate pair of screenshots from the last patch to underline the point, but really, I've uploaded a save once and the problem is still there, so you can use the first uploaded save to look at it if you want to.

    Again, if it's not a priority, or just not in the cards, let us know it's not going to be fixed. I'm not demanding a fix. Just politely asking for an acknowledgement.



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