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    I've been an STVV fan my whole and have gone through several takeovers in the time.

    Hand on heart, literally no supporter cares about signing Japanese players. Especially not the hardcore, core, casual, and family groups (which is well over 70% of the fanbase). They are all local people who want the identity of the club back which means local players who leave their heart on the pitch, no one cares about Japanese players.


    Be competitive agains KRC Genk should have way higher importance. We could finish 1 point from relegation but if we win against Genk our season is already a succes.

    Likewise for Standard which isn't even included (but should have less importance than Genk).



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    You are ofcourse correct that the supporters vision should not include "Sign Japanese players". 

    This however is a minor inconvenience compared to the fact that you are required to sign Japanese players by the board. I understand that from a realism factor this might be correct but this is ridiculous from a gameplay perspective. 

    The Japanese league is not included in the game so the amount of Japanese players that you are able to sign is very very low. Either the Japanese players in the game are of the level of the club or better but are not signable because of price and because most of them play in a better division or you have to sign a bad player who will never play just to be able to buy players with other nationalities. 

    So unless the Japanese leagues and players are added, the signing of Japanese players should be preferred instead of required. 

    I am only able to sign players of another nationality on a free. Otherwise it is a coin flip If I am able to convince the board that a certain player is ok or not. 

    This has been an issue since 2019 so I will only be able to play as STVV properly when the editor drops ( which is not that long off I know ) but it should not be something that I have to fix myself. 


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