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    Mark Patterson head of youth development for Southend & N.Ireland is on 20k per week which must be his N.Ireland wages but this cost is all on Southend over doubling the entire staff costs for the club.


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    Squad issues:

    id suggest Cavaghn Miley needs a decent boost as he's been superb so far as BWM, currently our best midfielder but in game he is the worst rated.

    Also Collin Andeng-Ndi needs a slight CA and PA as he has been key in the best defence in the league so far and in game he is poor.

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    • SI Staff

    We're not here just to start boosting every player to a very-ordinary team that is has been generously allowed to be rated as high as it is.

    If Miley is coming out too low, then it will be because other players are rated too high. If you start suggesting who is overrated then we can start to make some genuine changes.

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    Hi Dean,

    I've only done what is asked and suggested some changes as i spot them. If it was someone overrated i would suggest it. These are just what I've seen so far. I didn't expect such a hostile response to a paying and only trying to help customer.

    If you want feedback id suggest possibly a different response.


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