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    Nick Grimes (CD)

    -Nick is team/club captain and an integral reason behind Taunton's excellent defensive record last seasons (Champions) and this (first season in the NLS) - however, he is 'deemed surplus to requirements' which makes no sense at all. The team is based around him yet on the game he is the worst of the CD's. This needs addressing.

    Next Steps:

    -Establish him as captain

    -Take him off of 'deemed surplus to requirements'

    -Improve CA to match Dan Ball (at least)


    User Feedback

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    Thanks for your feedback. I've already made some of the changes you asked for - and they will make the full game, but I don't know if they will be in a beta update. I can confirm that:

    • Nick Grimes is captain with Lloyd James as vice captain
    • Grimes has already received a decent bump in CA. He's not as good as Dan Ball or Foulston in the game, however, I've made a couple of minor adjustments following your feedback so there isn't quite a big a difference and he should be more likely to play.

    I need to see Taunton a few more times to see how they line up before I can drastically improved his rating, and I think some positional tweaks might also help as well as being sure which formations Dray uses. We don't have a Taunton researcher (there is a position vacant 👀), and I've only seen them twice this season so happy to log any other feedback you want. FYI, Grimes' CA is towards the top end of the range for Taunton Town 1st team players. The problem is they have a number of players in the star player range for Taunton. 

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    Brilliant feedback - thanks...

    I did look at the vacancies but couldn't see a Taunton one. More than happy to do it - go to every home game - and some away - and play every FM so makes sense...


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