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    Hey! A few minor errors in the club: 


    1. Sander Tangvik's height; The numbers on the RBKweb profile is outdated.  

    He is not 183 CM, like it says in the game, but 193 CM. 



    2. Håkon Røsten; noted as 174 CM in the game. It's hard to find exact data, but I have seen him live a few times this year, and he is quite a bit taller. In the squad photo this year, he is seen to stand taller than Renzo, who is 188. 


    3. Renzo Giampaoli, is 183 in the game. Listed on the official homepage of Rosenborg, he is 188. 


    4. Comparing the stats of Ole Sæter and Casper Tengstedt, it looks wrong. 
    Tengstedt has proven to be a lot better at passing and technique that Ole, and is also without a doubt quicker. And having those two be the same in vision and anticipation, is quite wrong. These players are so similar in FM23, and so unlike in the real world. 


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