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  • Gavin Wilkinson and Mike Golub are no longer Portland Timbers staff members

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    Gavin Wilkinson and Mike Golub are listed as active staff members in the FM23 database. Gavin Wilkinson is the general manager and Mike Golub is a managing director. In the real world, both men were fired for their role in covering up a sexual assault/harassment scandal involving the Timbers' womens team, the Portland Thorns. Furthermore, because of this, Gavin Wilkinson should not be listed as a club icon. Prior to this scandal, he was not beloved, so it was always confusing to see him listed as an icon in past versions of the game. After the recent scandal, there is no reason for him to be listed as an "icon" of the club.


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    • SI Staff

    Thank you for the report, both of these have been removed from Portland Timbers and should be reflected upon full release.

    Legends,Icons and Favoured personnel are all subject to license approval but given the circumstances around there removal I have removed Wilkinson from the club icons which again should be reflected upon full release.

    Thank you for the feedback.

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