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  • No option to upgrade youth facilities- bug still present from FM22

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    Hi all,

    A big bug that was in the last patch of FM22 is still in the FM23 beta. I have 'great' for both training and youth facilities, however I am over a year into the save and I only have the option to ask for training facilities to be upgraded (this has been done and upgraded). This bug was also in FM22s final patch and we were told it was a known issue and wouldn't be fixed until FM23.


    I really hope this is fixed ASAP as being unable to upgrade youth facilities is really detrimental to saves.


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    Please see screenshots below-


    I am a top flight club, have plenty of money, and have already upgraded training facilities once since I started the save. As you can see, I now have the training facilities upgrade option again, but still no option for youth facilities. This is really bad for long term saves as I will never be able to have top youth facilities.



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