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  • Social Media Following - Justification behind the number

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    The new feature in club profile called Social Media Followers seems to be a simple numeric representation of the reputation of the club. But it is not the case in real life. A club can be fairly unknown to most of the world, but in a very densely populated region with fairly high football following and end up with a lot of social media following from that region itself.

    In the game, at the start of my save, I can see that Pacos de Ferreira has around 420k SMF (Social Media Followers). While Johor Darul Ta'zim FC has only 22k SMF.

    Comparing that with real life: Pacos de Ferreira has merely 29.8k Twitter followers (https://twitter.com/fcpf?s=20&t=bzZ2ShWPbiXLiCPtPQ3muQ) while Johor Darul Ta'zim FC has 262.5k Twitter followers (https://twitter.com/OfficialJohor?s=20&t=IvC4vHKG70FLmTR_rR8k9Q)

    Even Indian clubs ATK Mohun Bagan (509.6k) and East Bengal (268.1k) have significantly higher Twitter following than Pacos de Ferreira. And its not like the Portuguese club is likely to fair any better in any other social media platforms.

    Obviously, when observing from a solely footballing point of view, and the reputation of European football, Pacos de Ferreira is no doubt more reputed than any Malaysian or Indian club. But that sense of reputation does not always translate to absolute numbers in social media following...quite like how Man City has fewer social media followers than Man Utd, but are in fact more reputed at the moment form a purely footballing point of view.

    So what is the point of the new metric SMF? It definitely does not show the real life scenario. Should a misleading metric remain in a game that is kinda known for its accuracy when it comes to tangible, numeric aspects of the footballing world? Any way to correct it before the release (maybe take into account the country/region population and club history, especially domestic)






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    If you wanna go through every club in the worlds social media profiles I'm sure you'd be welcome to. But my guess is its related more to league and club reputation

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    Then the terminology is misleading. Why not just use the same term as reputation. And simply use the hidden numeric value of it? If you want to have a common ground for Social Media Followers depending on how the game calculates reputation, why not have a common ground for wages? Why not have same wage standards irrespective of what happens in real life?

    But that won't happen because FM is supposed to be a realistic simulation. If something is included, at least some effort should be put in place to make it seem realistic. I am not saying it should be 100% correct. But this Social Media Followers data just looks like an effort of a few minutes, patched into club profile page to make it look cool....while being completely misleading. Either make it realistic to some extent, or rename it (reputation value or whatever), or scrap it.

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