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  • Staff and Players Wanting Thousands

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    Staff and Players are Wanting 85k p/a to join the club

    - playing as Millwall in 2022 in pre-season

    - Happens with every staff members and youth contracts and players in the first team



    - play as Millwall and just try to hire staff and new contracts for the youth and players 







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    • SI Staff

    Hello, we've taken a look and it seems the coaches demands are comparable to existing staff for a coach.

    The player you have shown is already on £156k a year. If you think he is asking for too much. You can talk to his agent and try to negotiate. Then when you enter contract talks the wage could be lower. Hope this was helpful, thank you.

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    Thanks for your reply

    Oh okay, I just thought it was quite high for a mid table championship club compared to last years?

    my mistake :)

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